NT Fire recommends that fire safety training is premises specific and relates directly to the life safety risks and physical layout of your premises. Training can be individually tailored to your company requirements to reduce staff down time and ensure staff receive training relevant to their roles. However. the following generic fire safety training can be delivered.

Certification of training delivery is provided for the Company and all delegates are provided with individual certification.


Extinguishing Fire

Basic Fire Safety Awareness

This training course provides a general understanding of basic fire awareness including the actions to be taken in the event of a fire, how to prevent a fire occurring and a basic introduction into extinguishing a fire.

emergency evacuation plan

Practical Fire Warden

This training course provides guidance for those intending to be fire wardens and covers fire evacuation, compliance, and effective use of equipment. The course includes practical operation of a fire extinguisher.

Fire Exit SIgn

Peeps and Evacuation Training

This training course provides delegates with a basic knowledge of the management and practice of emergency evacuation including the safe use, limitations and dangers when using an evacuation facilities and equipment provided within the workplace.

fire detector

Company Fire Responsibility

This training course provides a complete outline of an organisation’s fire safety responsibilities and how to comply with those requirements.